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Heresy: Defying the orthodox or accepted doctrine.

Welcome to the home of world’s most desirable electric cars

Our Philosophy

Heresy Garage Builds Dreams

We are restorers, we are coachbuilders, we are deliverers of excellence to an increasing band of very happy clients. We love the aesthetics of high end classics but we believe they are future-proofed by our heart transplants, replacing their constantly failing internal combustion powerplants with super-reliable and ultra-powerful new electric alternatives.

Build Your Dream Car

If you can dream it, our team at Heresy Garage can build it.

Free Maintenance & Support

At no extra cost, our team of engineers will monitor and replace anything that needs attention.

100% Future-Proof

Technology moves quickly, but we move faster. Our cars are never designed to become obsolete.

5-Year Warranty

All you pay for is wear and tear parts such as brakes, tyres, bulbs and wipers. We’ll take care of the rest.

The Future

The Classic Daily Driver!

No more oil stains on the driveway, no more broken belts, blown gaskets or gaping holes in the exhaust. No more rainy day breakdowns, just tyre-shredding torque and beautiful classic styling. Our cars go faster, stop and steer better, are far more reliable and better for the planet! What’s not to like?

We Build Dreams.

Ready to build yours?

Current Cars Create a Custom Build

Our Process

So you want the perfect electric car? OK let’s take a look at how the process works.

A full discussion, in person or via Zoom calls or similar, ascertains what Heresy Garage needs to do to fulfil your dreams. We will then prepare a detailed quotation, suggested timeframe, and present that for your consideration with no obligation at all.

Only when you are ready to proceed, we issue the purchase contract and request the initial deposit which will cover the acquisition of the car and components. Ownership of the car is immediately yours.

At various points of the build we will prove, by photographs or personal inspection, the attainment of one of the construction milestones, at which the next payment will become due. Typically, full stripdown and prep is stage 1, rebuild and installation is stage 2, interior is stage 3, paint is stage 4, and stage 5 is payable on completion, prior to collection or delivery. Every part of every stage is carefully photo-logged so we can keep you updated on progress. We then present a detailed build book with the completed car. All approvals, registrations and delivery are all included as part of the service.

Sustainable Thrills!

Because we usually start with an existing car (unless building from the ground up) and because we use primarily solar, wind, and ground source energies, if you charge your car with power generated by sustainable/renewables a Heresy Classic can reduce your carbon footprint from driving by up to 70%

Send Enquiry

Check out some current options, but it’s changing all the time. Tell us what you want and we’ll go and buy it!

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